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I am an energetic, creative thinker who enjoys challenges. I put extra effort into my designs, art creation and the task at hand while meeting strict deadlines. 


Throughout my previous work experience I mastered a number of new technologies and worked on a wide variety of projects. As a design lead I was responsible for management of a static image library, creating interactive art, and developing design standards for online testing. I aided in troubleshooting of problem technology in the QTI language. I worked effectively with various content and project management teams.


Additional experience has included developing concepts and layouts into attractive, persuasive media for a diverse audience. I have been responsible for website design and layout as well as marketing-driven emails. I enjoy challenging projects where I can use all of my talents to creatively exceed expectations and positively impact organizational goals and outcomes.


All of these experiences have allowed me the opportunity to work with and for a variety of groups and people in team centric environments.  I work well with individuals of various experience and backgrounds and I am adaptable to changing situations.  I am self-motivated and have consistently proven the ability to go above and beyond the expectations set by my supervisors.  


I would appreciate the opportunity to share how I can be an asset to your organization, in person, if given the opportunity. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Lee Riedesel

Artist & Designer



01 / lee

I'm Lee Riedesel Artist / Designer.  

02 / 3

Just as the letters in my name I have 3 boys.

03 / z

Zane, Zeb and Zy. The 3z.

3 elements


I've worked in many different professional settings. Ranging from the Wisconsin State Legislature to a global educational testing company.


Endured production of annual 200 to 300 page catalogues. Troubleshot problematic test code for test and response applications and html marketing emails.


LeRoy my creative outlet off the main street art and design. Always look forward to a  challenge of moving outside the comfort zone.





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